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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday Murphy Statute

Saturday Murphy Statute

Most people are familiar with Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong it will, and at the worst possible moment.” I hesitate to apply it to dance, although I have seen occasional evidence of it.

There are, however, other versions of Murphy’s Law that happen a lot. Today’s  example is a case in point (no pun intended). The best balances you do will occur in your kitchen when you are alone.
This has been a subject of speculation among my dancer friends, since all of us have experienced this phenomenon. Perhaps there is something about the metal appliances? The small space? The smell of food? I don’t know. It is most likely because one’s own kitchen is a place where we relax and therefore are better able to achieve things. Essentially, it’s a worry-free zone.

Now, if we could just recreate that zone in the classroom…

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets
Ballet Statute #101:
The best balances always occur in your kitchen.

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Quote of the Day:
“The place I like best in this world is the kitchen. No matter where it is, no matter what kind, if it’s a kitchen, if it’s a place where they make food, it’s fine with me. Ideally it should be well broken in. Lots of tea towels, dry and immaculate. Where tile catching the light (ting! Ting!)”
Banana Yoshimoto, Kitchen

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