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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Terminology Tuesday Télémaque

Terminology Tuesday Télémaque

Sometimes balletic-sounding terms refer not only to a dance step but to music appropriate – and sometimes composed – specifically for that particular step(s). Today’s term is a case in point.

Brisé télémaque (bree ZAY tay lay MAK) comes from the French school, and it is music for small jumps. It may have been composed by a dancer named Télémaque. It was originally written in ¾ time, but there was soon another in 4/4 time. Today, many versions of brisé télémaque exist.

“ Brisé télémaque is a compound step of the old French school. It is also a part of old-time Bournonville vocabulary.” Also from the same site: “The brises Telemaque are execued that way in the French School:  “Brise, royale, entrechat 4 Vole, means finished in coupe back, brise back, royale and again entrechat 4 vole, it is usually executed on diagonale.
Reference:Grammaire de la danse classique by Germaine Prudhommeau and Genevieve Guillot, edition Hachette (out of print) ;)”

Again from the same site, there is some debate about the story of the dancer/composer naming the step/music. Hmmm.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets
Secret #30o:
“Brisé télémaque can refer to music or a ballet step.”

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