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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Technical Tuesday Vastus Lateralis

Technical Tuesday Vastus Lateralis

The vastus lateralis muscle is the largest muscle of the quadriceps group. This group, often called “the quads” is the largest in the human body. Other muscles in this group are: the rectus femoris, the vastus intermedius, and the vastus medialis.

The upper portion of the vastus lateralis attaches to the femur (thigh bone), and the lower end attaches to the patella (kneecap). The specific function of the vastus lateralis muscle is to extend the lower leg and allow the body to rise from a squatting position (grand pliés, anyone?).

Working together, the “quads” provide strength, power and cushioning for such mundane activities as walking, running or jumping.

A common injury to the vastus lateralis muscle is a strain, which is a tear in the muscle. It is most often caused by an improper warm-up.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Dance History Factoid # 94
“The vastus lateralis is the largest muscle of the quadriceps group.”

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