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Friday, December 2, 2016

Fun Friday Waving and Winking

Fun Friday Waving and Winking

There are many things in ballet that should be avoided. Today I’m talking about two of them – two of the worst offenders. They are: waving toes and winking kneecaps.

Waving toes mean the energy has stopped somewhere – usually the ankle – leaving the toes flopping around. Gasp! To remedy this situation, simple remember that the energy goes beyond the toes, not just to the toes.

Winking kneecaps. The only time this works is in bourrées, since the knees have to be relaxed for the step to work correctly. Otherwise, the knees need to be straight when required, and there should never be any “winking”, or relaxing the knees in anything other than bourrées. This problem is often seen when a dancer is closing the leg in fifth position, but isn’t lifted enough to allow the leg to come in straight. Then the knees wink from straight to slightly bent. Scary.

Stamp out waving feet and winking kneecaps!

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:
Ballet Secret #10hhh:  
“Avoid  waving toes or winking kneecaps.”

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