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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Technical Tuesday Radius and Ulna

Technical Tuesday Radius and Ulna

There are three bones in the arm. I’ve talked before about the bone of the upper arm, the humerus. Today I’m focusing on the two bones that make up the lower part of the arm, the radius and the ulna. These two bones connect the wrist to the elbow.

The radius is on the outside (or lateral) side of the elbow. The radius is longer and wider than the ulna. The ulna is on the inside (or medial) side of the forearm (closest to the body). Fun Fact: You know that neat bony little tip on your elbow? It’s not really part of the elbow, it is actually the tip of the ulna. 

The structure of the arm and the elbow allow for the rotation of the lower arm. This is why the variation Dying Swan can have such awe-inspiring, rippling arm movements that seem to defy the laws of human anatomy.

But how can you remember bone is which? The really easy way is to remember that the radius connects to the thumb side of the hand.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:
Anatomical Secret #42m:  
The radius and the ulna are the bones of the forearm.

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