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Friday, October 21, 2016

Fun Friday Ankle Dent

Fun Friday Ankle Dent

Pointe shoes are often a point of debate. No pun intended. There are, nowadays, many styles, color shades, and the most hotly debated topic of all – ribbons. What kind, how long, how tight, where to sew them, and today’s topic:  whatever does one do with the knot?

Years ago dancer were taught to put the knot neatly in the back, right on the Achilles tendon. This had a couple of problems. It made it look like there was a bump on the tendon, and it was discovered that the knot rubbing against that area often caused irritation or tendinitis. Not good.

Instead, today it is recommended that the knot be tucked securely in that neat little dent we all have in our ankles, right behind the ankle bone. The knot should be secured here on the inside of the ankle. It’s as though this little indentation was tailor-made for a pointe shoe ribbon knot.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:
Ballet Secret #23b:  
“The knot in a pointe shoe ribbon should be placed in the ankle dent.”

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