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Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun Friday and Falling

Fun Friday and Falling
From the Big Beige Book of Ballet Statutes comes this rule:  “Always fall forward.”  Now, you may think that falling isn’t exactly something one plans to do – it just happens.  Well, that’s true up to a point (no pun intended).  However, during the thousands of hours of class time, dancers should always work toward making any falls go forward – and especially not backwards.
This is because, as discussed before, the correct alignment of the body is straight and slightly forward from the ankles.  Therefore, the alignment itself should make a forward fall more likely. Dancers that fall backwards on a regular basis are usually pulling up from the chest and not the top of the head, so the alignment issues, once corrected, will often solve any falling problems altogether.
But if a dancer must fall – he/she should always strive to fall forward!

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:
Statute #9:
“Always fall forward.”


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Quote of the Day:
“Most important thing in life is learning how to fall.”
  -Jeanette Walls

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