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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Technical Tuesday and Squares and Tilts

Technical Tuesday and Squares and Tilts
I’ve blogged before about the “squareness” of the hips (imagine headlights), required for classical ballet.  Like most things, ballet rules are full of exceptions.
One of these exceptions involves the requirement that the hips should always be square and level.  In any derrière position, when the working leg is above 45 degrees (or even lower, in some cases), the hips can no longer be square and level, due to the body’s skeletal anatomy and capability.
Instead, as the leg lifts off the floor, when it approaches 45 degrees, there is a gradual tilt of the pelvis that must occur in order to achieve high extensions in any derrière position, such as attitude or arabesque.
The rib cage, however, must maintain its square alignment. 

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Exception to Secret #5a, #5ax:
“When the leg is above 45 degrees in any derrière position, the pelvis must be allowed to tilt.”


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