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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Three Toes

Saturday Three Toes
When teaching the correct way to rise to demi-pointe, a question that arises is this:  “Should all five toes maintain contact with the floor?”  The answer isn’t as simple as one might think.  It depends on the anatomical structure of the individual dancer’s feet.
For most people, the toes taper in length from longest (usually the big toe), to smallest (pinky toe).  In this case the weight should be over the first three toes, and the pinky toe (and sometimes the one next to it) may or may not actually come in contact with the floor.  This is the most common scenario.  If the pinky toe attempts to be on the floor the result can be a “sickled” foot – not only unsightly but dangerous.  It is easy to see when this done incorrectly, as the weight is no longer aligned over the center of the foot.
When the whole foot is on the floor, all toes should make contact.  But when on demi-pointe, for most dancers, only the first three (sometimes four) toes should be in contact with the ground.   

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret #8c:
“On demi-pointe, usually only the first three toes make contact with the floor.”


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