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Sunday, December 1, 2013

What Do I Love…?

What Do I Love…?
This is a question everyone should ask themselves.  But let’s take it one step further.  The question should be “What do I love to practice?”
Some researchers believe that no one is born with any specific ability, and that any skill is achieved by practice.  In an earlier blog I talked about how it takes (again, according to research) about 10,000 repetitions of anything to become skilled at it.  That’s a whole lot of time and effort – for a single skill – so one had better love the practice. 
This is especially true for dancers who will spend the majority of their dancing life at the barre and in the classroom – not on stage.  This holds true for many other areas like writing, painting, etc., as well as non-art areas requiring a high level skill set.
So ask yourself:  “What do I love to practice?”  

From the Big Blue Beige Book of Ballet Statutes:
Secret #3:
“The majority of a dancer’s life is spent in the classroom.”

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“Practice makes the master.”
-          Patrick Rothfuss


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