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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Throwback Thursday and Miss Florence

Throwback Thursday and Miss Florence

No, this Miss Florence is not a hurricane, but since Hurricane Florence was in the news this month I thought I’d feature a different, kinder and gentler Florence.

Florence Kolinsky was born on July 4, 1906 in Philadelphia. Her father was a tailor and she often amused herself by dancing in front the big mirror in his shop. After seeing Pavlova dance, she began lessons with Miss Rose, and later by William J. Herman, an acrobatic dance instructor.

When choreographer Gertrude Hoffman sought new talent, Herman suggested Florence, and although only thirteen, she became a member of the Gertrude Hoffman Dance Troupe. In 1923 she went on to perform with the Zeigfeld Follies, and soon earned her own solo.

In 1927 she became a featured artist in Paris at the Casino de Paris, and was billed as “Miss Florence”. She soon teamed up with dancer Julio Alvarez and they performed together for many years in New York and Miami, and appeared in two films: MGM’s Student Tour (October 1934) with Nelson Eddy and Jimmy Durante and Warner Brother’s Murder with Reservations (1938).

In 1937 Florence married Dr. Henry Maslow and retired from performing soon after.

She died in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets
Dance History Secret #249:
“Miss Florence was a famous dancer during the Jazz Age.”

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Quote of the Day:
“But it is only through constant, faithful endeavor by the girl herself that the goal eventually is reached.”
- Florenz Ziegfeld

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