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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wild Wednesday Pirouette Trick

Wild Wednesday Pirouette Trick

There are several acceptable pirouette preparations. One trick that is helpful to students is Ballet Secret 14ff: Open both arms to second at the moment of the deepest part of the plié.”
Many traditional preparations bring only the following arm from second in to fifth en avant for the relevé, not both arms. The leading arm stays in front of the dancer, and the following arm comes in to meet it for the turn.

Especially for dancers having difficulty with pirouettes, this double-arm prep helps will leveling the upper body and providing a bit of extra impetus for the turn. Sometimes this slight alteration in the preparation is all that is needed to improve the turns.

This is just one of several ways dancers can experiment with improving their pirouettes.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:
Ballet Secret 14ff:
“Pirouette Trick: Open both arms to second at the moment of the deepest part of the plié.”

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