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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Sandwiches

Saturday Sandwiches

Ah, those Hamburger Hands:  the ones that look like they are holding a large sandwich – a hamburger or anything else served on a bun, or between two pieces of bread.  Hamburger Hands are most often seen in the fifth en haut position, but can appear in many other places.  

This “syndrome” can be caused by the simple act of holding onto the barre, which is why many studios have changed their round barres to flatter ones.  This forces the dancer to place his/her hand on top of the support, instead of encircling it.

But Hamburger Hands can also be a case of too much tension.  The hands tense up and the flow of energy that should go outward is blocked – usually around the knuckles – causing the knuckles to buckle upward and changing the straighter hand to one that looks, well, like it is holding a burger.

To prevent this, (other than retrofitting the studio), have students place their hands on top of the barre, and also remind them about the energy that must flow uninterruptedly through lengthened hands and outward to infinity from the fingertips.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret #6s:  
“Avoid Hamburger Hands by lengthening the hands and fingers so the energy can flow outward from the fingertips.”

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