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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Throwback Thursday and Morris Dance

Throwback Thursday and Morris Dance

This past weekend I attended a performance that featured Morris dancers. It was fun and interesting.

Morris dance is a form of British folkloric dance, and its origin, although somewhat mysterious, appears to go back at least 500 years.
According to https://themorrisring.org/publications/morris-tradition: The earliest confirmation of a performance of morris dancing in England dates from London on 19 May 1448…”

The same source divides Morris dance into six styles: Cotswold (the most widespread today), Molly (performed in January), Welch Border Morris (sticks), N.W. Clog Morris (the dancers wear clogs), Longsword (found in Yorkshire), and Rapper (the dancers use swords). Judging from the photographs on the above listed site, what I saw was a form of Welch Border Morris, since the dancers used sticks and wore long coattails.

Other specific Morris dances are Leap Frog, Bean Setting and Launum Bunches. There are a few solo Morris dances, referred to as jigs such as the Shepherds’ Hey. Whatever the style, dancers usually wear bells on their shins.

For more extensive information, refer the source above.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets
Dance History Secret #32:
“Morris dance is a form of British folkloric dance.”

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