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Monday, December 2, 2019

Mad Monday Big

Mad Monday Big

In the woods, hikers are advised that if they meet a bear they should wave their arms and stretch up to their full height. In other words, do what the bears do. When bears are confronted with a threat, they rear up on their hind legs – making themselves appear bigger and more intimidating to frighten (hopefully) whatever threat they encountered.

This works well in ballet technique too. When we feel threatened or intimidated by a step we often shrink inward and move smaller because it seems safer. Instead, we should think like a bear and make ourselves bigger.

Take bigger steps, elongate the posture and feel expansive energy flowing in all directions. Bear ballet!

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets
Ballet Secret #16cc:
“Make yourself big.”

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Quote of the Day:
“Always respect Mother Nature. Especially when she weighs 400 pounds and is guarding her baby.”
― James Rollins, Ice Hunt

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