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Monday, July 13, 2015

Marvelous Monday Melt

Marvelous Monday Melt

Yes, today’s title sounds like it should be some decadent dessert. But it isn’t. It involves those pesky shoulders that like to ride up and cuddle next to the ears. Dancers (and other people) often hold tension here, and this is usually what makes the shoulders go up.

This isn’t attractive, to say the least, but more importantly, it isn’t productive. It’s difficult to dance and move if the shoulders and neck are tight. It is also almost impossible to move the head (think spotting), if the shoulders are welding everything above into place.

To prevent this shoulder-snuggling- next-to- the-ears problem, imagine that the shoulders are melting downward – straight down and dripping off and around the upper arm. This also helps release any tension being held in the shoulders, allowing it to be dissipated away with the melting of the shoulders.

Now everything can move freely!

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret #1qq:  
“Imagine the shoulders melting downward.

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