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Monday, July 6, 2015

Mad Monday Muscles

Mad Monday Muscles

Dancers tend to refer to everything as “muscles”. Here is the basic definition of muscle: “a bundle of long slender cells (muscle fibers) that have the power to contract and hence to produce movement. 
Muscles are responsible for locomotion and play an important part in performing vital body functions. They also protect the contents of the abdomen against injury and help support the body.”

Okay, let’s get technical here. We also have tendons and ligaments. Basically, a tendon connects muscle to bone, a ligament attaches bone to bone. For example, dancers are familiar with the Achilles tendon which attaches the calf muscle to the ankle bone. A ligament, on the other hand, would hold the calf and thigh bone together at the knee joint. Injuries to either one can take 6-8 weeks to heal (or more, depending on the severity).

Now you know!

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret #22j:  
A tendon connects muscle to bone, a ligament attaches bone to bone.

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““The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. Understanding is joyous.”
Carl Sagan

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