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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Terminology Tuesday Fléchir

Terminology Tuesday Fléchir

The verb fléchir [flay-SHEER] means “to bend or to flex”. For example as in fléchir les genoux which meansbend the knees”.

Now this begs the question, what about “plié”, which dancers are usually told means to bend?  According to https://m.interglot.com/fr/en/pli%C3%A9, plié (the adjective) means crooked, bent, curved or warped. Hmmmm…

But as a noun, according to https://m.interglot.com/fr/en/pli%C3%A9, plié means “a movement in which the knees are bent while the back is held straight”. That’s more like it.

But it still sounds like we could all be doing fléchirs instead of pliés.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets
Terminology Secret #69:
Fléchir means to bend.”

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“I believe in the magic and authority of words.”
― René Char

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