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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Terminology Tuesday Cabriole

Terminology Tuesday Cabriole

I’m adding another item to this blog: Terminology Tuesday will appear, along with Technical Tuesday to clarify balletic terms that dancers hear, but seldom see written down. 

Today’s term is “cabriole”.  Here is the definition from www.ballethub.com

“In a cabriole, a dancer jumps in the air off one leg as the other is thrown upwards, as the bottom leg raises to meet and beat with the top leg, the top leg continues to go higher as the bottom leg returns to the floor.

The word itself means “caper”. What does caper mean? It can be a playful, skipping kind of dance or an activity (particularly one that is illegal or ridiculous). 

A cabriole can be performed in any direction, but is most frequently seen in either devant or derrière, often as part of a grand allegro combination. The important thing to remember about a cabriole is this part: “the bottom leg raises to meet and beat with the top leg”.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Terminology Secret #23a:  
Cabriole means caper.”

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