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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Technical Tuesday Big Three

Technical Tuesday Big Three

I have touched on this subject before in reference to tendues (Ballet Secret 4i). But this rule of the Big Three involves all other steps except rond de jambe or anytime the leg and foot move in a circular pattern.

The Big Three are:  1. In front of the belly button (devant), 2. Side ( a la seconde), and 3. Back (Derriere). In the back if the foot is in tendu the foot is behind the supporting heel, if the leg is higher, as in arabesque, the leg is behind the working hip.

The important thing is to understand is that the foot and the leg will always be placed in these directions except during a circular movement like rond de jambe, in which case the leg still passes through the Big Three positions.

These positions are always the same regardless of where the dancer is facing (en fas, croisé, etc.). This is when beginners often become confused and lose the perfect geometry of the positions.

Now you know!

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret #5i:  
“The Big Three: there are only three places for the leg and foot (except during a rond de jambes).”

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