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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Technical Tuesday Towel

Technical Tuesday Towel

Here we go with yet another prop demonstration. A towel is a readily available prop in most dance classes, and I have blogged before about ways to use one. Today the towel is going to illustrate body placement, specifically alignment in a relevé - like a dancer would do in a pirouette.

Drop the towel on the floor, then pick it up using two fingers, and select a spot on the towel as close to its center as possible. Lift it quickly straight up. Notice how the folds of the towel fall aligned and centered under the fingers.

This is how the body should align as the dancer moves from a wide plié preparation into a “pulled up” position such as retiré prior to a pirouette. Imagine all the folds falling down simultaneously around the body.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret #20k:  
“Pick up a towel from the floor to show how the weight of the body should distribute in a relevé.”

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“Do not quit! Hundreds of times I have watched people throw in the towel at the one-yard line while someone else comes along and makes a fortune by just going that extra yard.”
-          E. Joseph Cossman

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