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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Sunday

Sunday Sunday
As we go into this spring season of many performances, I thought I’d do some blogs about performing.  This is what most dancers live for:  those fleeting moments onstage.  But it is also an area that can be problematic.  How does one do a wonderful performance when there are so many technical details to think about?  This is made more difficult because dancers in the classroom receive a constant barrage of criticism (hopefully constructive).  How can this internal editor be turned off so an effortlessly appearing performance can be given?
There are lots of hints and tips for this.  One of my favorites is this one:  The audience wants to love you.  Let them.”  In other words, don’t forget that the audience (usually) isn’t familiar with the technical details that drive dancers crazy.  They just want to be entertained.  If a dancer is worrying too much about the technique and too little about the performance, it will show on their face – or even in their body language.  And the audience will know.
So surrender to the joy of dancing.  After all, the work has been done in the weeks and months beforehand, so there’s nothing to worry about!  What will be, will be. 

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Motivational Secret #19 
The audience wants to love you.  Let them.”


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“Take your work seriously, but never yourself.”
-Margot Fonteyn


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