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Friday, March 14, 2014

Fun Friday: No Tipping, Tucking or Tilting

Fun Friday:  No Tipping, Tucking or Tilting
For most dancers, one of the most difficult things to maintain is a level pelvis.  I’ve talked before about a floating pelvis and other images related to this large bone.  But it all comes down to keeping it level.
With the exception of derrière positions that are above about 30 – 45 degrees, the pelvis must stay in a level position, without tipping backward (seat up), tucking under (hips angled forward), or tilting sideways (one hip higher than the other). 
Despite the classic directive to students to “tuck under”, the pelvis shouldn’t actually “tuck under” and thus lose the level position of the pelvis.  If the dancer is tipping the pelvis backwards, they must return it to a level position, and to get students to do this, teachers often say “tuck under” – hence the confusion.
So remember:  There is no tipping, tucking, or tilting!

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret #1v 
“There is no tipping, tucking, or tilting of the pelvis, most of the time.”


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