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Friday, October 19, 2018

Fun Friday Assemblé Diagnostics

Fun Friday Assemblé Diagnostics

Assemblé is a step that causes problems for many dancers – at all levels. Yes, we know the legs assemble, but therein lies the rub.

It helps to apply some diagnostics to the step. Check yourself on these and see if any of them are the problem. Here are the most common mistakes:
  • The legs don’t assemble fast enough.
  • The  legs aren’t crossed enough – making a landing in third, not fifth postion (fo fix this, think of crossing your thighs, not your feet).
  • Feet aren’t pointed (stretched fully) before leaving the ground.
  • Coordination of the legs and arms.
  • The assemblé leg goes too high.
  • The “bottom leg” isn’t coming up to meet the assemblé leg.

The last two of these are the most common errors  I see. It is important to think of bringing the bottom leg up – not the top leg down. And make sure the assemblé leg doesn’t go so high that the bottom leg can’t catch it.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets
Secret #15ttt:
“Try running a set of diagnostics on assemblés.”

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