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Friday, February 7, 2020

Fun Friday Wind Up

Fun Friday Wind Up

You will remember Ballet Secret #3e:  Rotate the piqué leg a little bit extra right before stepping onto it.”  Here is another way to think about this.

If you’ve ever owned an antique wind-up clock, you know how it works. With a key, you wind it up weekly and it keeps time for seven or eight days. Now, imagine your turn-out winding up gently like the key in the old clock. Not too tight – just enough to be effective.

And right before a piqué, “wind” (turn out)  the piqué leg just a teeny bit extra before you step onto it. This will provide a very secure position.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets
Ballet Secret #3aa:
“Imagine your leg turning out just a bit more – like winding an old clock.”

Link of the Day:
(Clock Midnight Scene 2:04:55)

Quote of the Day:
“There was a sudden stillness like the gap between ticks on a clock...”
― Sadie Jones, The Outcast

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