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Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun Friday Partnership

Fun Friday Partnership

When dancers become accomplished enough to start taking pas de deux classes (sometimes called “doubles work”, or simply “partnering”), a whole new world opens up.

Despite what some people think, it is not just about the male dancer “hauling the female around”. A pas de deux is a partnership in every sense of the word. Each dancer has their role to play, and each dancer is responsible for the success of the other. That’s when the magic happens.

For the male dancer, his responsibilities include lifting and presenting his partner so she looks her best at all times, and – most importantly – he is dependable. She has confidence because she knows he will always be there for her.

For the female dancer, her responsibilities include being strong and well-placed (never leaning or wiggling around), and – most importantly – she is dependable. He knows she is going to do the choreography as rehearsed, and will be where she needs to be when he is preparing to lift her, etc. He has confidence in her.

Another point: Each dancer is always kind to the other. No snarky remarks, no nasty criticisms. Difficulties are worked through with constructive suggestions and caring communication.

Does all of this sound like a marriage? It is, in a sense. Without a caring commitment to the other person, a pas de deux will end up looking more like championship wrestling.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets
Secret #27b:
“A pas de deux is a true partnership: each person is responsible for the other.”

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“Before building any relationship, think on how your partner could be the best companion to you in achieving your life’s earnest goals”
Rajasaraswathii, Success-Talks : For Evolution of Your Success

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