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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wild Wednesday Silver Lining

Wild Wednesday Silver Lining

Think of tropical fish and how some of them have a silver underbelly, with a multi-colored upper body. We could design tights like that, with a seam on each side of the leg. The upper portion (running from the top of the foot through the patella to the quadriceps) would be the colorful section, and the portion dancers call the “inner thigh” running from the Achilles tendon upward would be the silvery part.

This is an important way to think about maintaining a turned-out leg. For instance, in an arabesque, the colorful section is displayed to the audience, and not the silvery underside. However, in ä la seconde, part of the silver side is shown. Each step or position has its own “silver-or-not” rule.

Maybe some manufacturer should reallyac make tights that are seamed on each side with one color on the top and one on the inside!
From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Ballet Secret #3s
Imagine wearing two-tone tights.”

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“Sometimes life can seem very painful. The people who seem to get the most out of life, are those who are willing to smile through the pain, and who no matter what, choose to see the silver lining in each situation.”

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