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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Technical Tuesday Rotator Cuff

Technical Tuesday Rotator Cuff

A common injury in dancers and other athletes involves the rotator cuff. Caused by overuse of the arms, it is seen most often in male dancers, due to things like overhead lifts, but it can also occur in females.

The rotator cuff is actually a group of muscles and tendons in the shoulder that form a kind of cuff around the humerus – hence the name. This group of muscles and tendons connect the shoulder blade (scapula) to the upper arm (humerus), and provide stability to the area, allowing easy movement, including rotational movement. These muscles and tendons are:  Teres minor, Infraspinatus, Supraspinatus, and Subscapularis. More than you wanted to know? Okay.

The important thing to remember is that injuries in this area are usually overuse injuries, although falls or accidents can be other culprits. Dancers should stop lifting (or other arm movements), if pain is present. No surprise here.  
From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Anatomical Secret #25o:  
Problems with the rotator cuff are common in dancers and other athletes.”

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