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Friday, July 15, 2016

Fun Friday Fast

Fun Friday Fast

After a dance student becomes comfortable with the steps (after years of training), the next step in the process is increasing speed and accuracy.

Accuracy is a constant challenge, and speed is too. The problem occurs when a pupil attempts greater speed in a combination, and their accuracy suffers. This is a natural part of the process. Eventually, with time and repetition, both skills will improve.

To assist in achieving speed, students must guard against becoming tense. This too, is common. And, although it seems counterintuitive, in order to move faster, relaxation is the key. Not the melt-into-the-floor type of relaxation, but the kind that allows freedom of movement.

Try waving with a tense hand and arm, and then relax and wave. You’ll see what a difference it makes.
From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Ballet Secret #7iii  
To move fast, relaxation is the key.”

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“You are a valuable instrument in the orchestration of your own world, and the overall harmony of the universe. Always be in command of your music. Only you can control and shape its tone. If life throws you a few bad notes or vibrations, don't let them interrupt or alter your song.”
Suzy Kassem

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