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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wild Wednesday Pointer Prop

Wild Wednesday Pointer Prop
A very useful prop is a telescoping pointer.   It looks like a pen until it is pulled, at which time it becomes longer and longer…and even longer.  Mine extends almost three feet.  College professors and business managers have used them in front of classrooms and in business meetings for years, to point to things on a blackboard or chart.
I use my pointer to demonstrate the energy required to achieve that favorite concept: “pulling up”.  To begin, I take the pointer and pull it out only part way, saying that this may look like a lot of energy, but more is needed.  Then I continue to pull it further, but still not all the way, although it appears as if it couldn’t be extended any more.  The students, nod, and usually smile, immediately understanding.
That’s when I pull the pointer  to its full length – which is considerable – and tell the dancers that this is how much they need to be doing when they extend their energy upward  (and downward) to “pull up”. 

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret #20h 
“A metal telescoping pointer is a great prop to illustrate 'pulling up'.”

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