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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wacky Wednesday Towels (Again)

Wacky Wednesday Towels (Again)
Yes, it a day for towels again.  Yesterday I talked about using a towel to help center the arms in pirouettes, and today the subject is how towels can be used in that most beloved of all steps:  rond de jambe en l’air.
One of the secrets to rond de jambe en l’air is keeping the thigh of the working leg at a constant level and not allowing it to drop or twist around.  Of course, it is always important is to engage the turn-out!
To help maintain the integrity of the thigh, the teacher, or another student, wraps the towel, sling-like, under the thigh near the knee.  The two ends of the towel are held above the leg, allowed the thigh to rest in this sling.
Explain that this is the feeling needed when performing a rond de jambe en l’air – there is a sensation of support beneath the thigh at all times. 

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret #20g 
“A towel can be used to support the thigh of the working leg in rond de jambe en’lair.”


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