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Monday, September 9, 2013



Hello and welcome!   I am a dance teacher and former ballet dancer.  It is largely because of the encouragement of my students that I am starting this blog.  I intend to post things related to ballet, particularly those hints, tips and teaching moments that have worked best for my students.   I will also be writing about other areas of interest to dancers and teachers such as food, recipes and possibly even some science/medical subjects.
I have written books and articles on dance, and I hope this blog will be helpful – and perhaps even inspirational - to dancers and dance teachers. 
 I often tell my students that I am planning to write a book called:  The Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets that will weigh several tons and contain every conceivable ballet rule or "secret".  Each rule in this future book will be numbered for easy reference.  Therefore, here is
Rule #1
                The most important thing in dance technique is posture.  Without correct posture, everything will be wrong.

 Help expand the knowledge base!  Leave a comment about any instructions, ideas, or images that worked best for you!

I hope you will visit often!  For more informational about me, please check out my web site:  www.debrawebbrogers.com.


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