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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Knees and Smiley Faces


When I work with beginning students, whether children or young adults, I talk about how knees have “faces”.  This is useful when describing multiple things.  Some of these include:  where the knees “look” in different positions (never at the floor!); how the “expression” changes when the patella is pulled upward (important for understanding a truly straight leg);  and where to place the working foot in retiré (in the “smile”, or in the “ear”).  The possibilities are almost endless. 

Although this may sound like something that can only work for children, it works equally well for older students and adults.  I believe education and fun are not opposites!  In fact, humor and fun images can actually heighten the ability to absorb and remember concepts. 

Our Link of the Day is a great article on turn-out from Dance Magazine.


From The Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret # 4b:  The “face” on the knee never looks at the floor.”


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Quote of the Day:
"Talent is only a starting point."
- Irving Berlin




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