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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Relaxed Toes


I’ve been blogging a lot lately about posture and alignment.  One common problem students have is clenching their toes.  This can happen when the dancer is simply standing, but it also happens when the foot is in tendu, or when one leg is extended in the air.  When the toes curl in an attempt to grip the floor, it is almost always a sign of improper alignment:   the toes are grabbing or holding onto the floor in an attempt to maintain balance.  When standing on the whole foot, the toes should be relaxed.

If the toes are curling or “crunching” in the air, it is usually an improper use of energy.  The dancer is “pointing” the foot too hard, instead of “stretching "or lengthening the foot. “Pointing” implies an inward, or shortened energy, while “stretching” refers to a long, extended feeling of energy that extends beyond the curve of a beautifully “pointed” foot.

Today from the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets comes

Secret #1e:  When standing with the foot (or feet) flat on the floor, the toes should be relaxed.


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