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Monday, July 30, 2018

Marvelous Monday Pointe Padding

Marvelous Monday Pointe Padding

The fact of the matter is this: pointe shoes are not comfortable. Therefore, a method of padding the toes is necessary – for most dancers. There are several ways to do this, and more are being invented every day.

The trick is to get enough padding in the shoe to provide comfort and protection, but not so much as to add bulk. Beginners usually try to put too much “stuff” in their shoes, and this is counterproductive.  But as their strength and technique develop, less padding will be needed.

“Padding: Try one of these methods or a combination of them to see what works best (but remember to check with your teacher first).

-         Wrap each toe with self-adhesive tape, Band-Aids or masking tape.
-         Fold a paper towl around your toes (Change it frequently to prevent shredding)
-         Use a pre-shaped lamb’s wool or gel pad.
-         Cut the toes off thick socks and wear them under your tights.
-         Use a chamois (shammy). This soft cleaning fabric absorbds sweat without falling apart or feeling bulky.” 

I always used either paper towels or a few squares of toilet paper. Each one is disposable after each use, and they absorb perspiration. Experiment. You'll soon discover that you need much less in your pointe shoes than you think.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets
Secret #23f:
“There are several methods of padding a pointe shoe.”

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“Less is more.”
 -Robert Browning”   
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