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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Statute and Repeat

Saturday Statute and Repeat

Ballet classes are repetitive. At least, effective ballet classes are repetitive. They are designed to produce an accurate and unfailing (or close to it) muscle memory. As the great teacher Vaganova states in her book Basic Principles of Classical Ballet:

“From the first year of study and until the end of the career, the daily exercises of the pupil and dancer consist of the same steps.”

“There is nothing bad about the exercises being tedious in their monotony y, although this monotony can be broken by doing the movement in different time…”

Most dancers come to an understanding of this concept early in their training. Only occasionally is there a student who complains about ballet “always being the same” or some similar comment. Interestingly, I seldom, if ever, hear the same complaint from students studying a musical instrument. They seem to know how critical “boring” repetition is for accomplishing their goals.

Ballet classes can be varied considerably by the arrangement of the steps, the musical accompaniment, and whether the tempo is slow or fast; but the basic framework must remain the same. The system works!

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Ballet Statute #71:  
“Ballet class is, by necessity, repetitive.”

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“Repetition opens doors, you know?”
Tim Lucas

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