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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wild Wednesday X

Wild Wednesday X

The placement of the working leg (and foot) in à la seconde (to the side) is not as clear-cut as the placement when the position of the foot is in devant (front) or derriere ( back).  This is due to the varying degree of rotation (turn-out) each individual dancer has at any moment in time.  If the dancer is working correctly, a greater degree of rotation will be developed, and then the placement of the foot in à la seconde will gradually change.  The foot will, over time, be placed further back and closer to a “flat” turned-out position without any loss of rotation in the hip socket.

Therefore, it helps to imagine a large X that is drawn on the floor at the exact point the tendu should stop.  This point becomes a target, and one that must be accurately “hit” every time.  The path to this X is straight and direct.  There should be no rond de jambe or circular movement to get to the X – only an absolutely straight pathway.

As the turn-out develops the placement of the X changes:  it will move further back.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret #4i:  
“Think of an “X” that marks the exact spot to hit in each tendu à la seconde.”

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