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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Super Saturday Egg Yolks

Super Saturday Egg Yolks

I have mentioned the fact that in a rond de jambe en l’air (everyone’s favorite step), the big toe of the working foot traces an elongated egg shape in the air.  A slightly squashed egg, if you will.  But what happens in a double rond de jambe en l’air?

That’s correct, it is usually different.  The big toe of the working foot traces a more rounded pattern underneath the working knee.  In other words, the leg does not extend fully until the end of the double.  This is to allow for the speed needed when doing a double rond de jambe en l'air during a small jump.  For obvious reasons, a slow, elongated double wouldn’t work!

So for double rond de jambes en l’air imagine the yolk of the egg – a nice, slightly rounded, yellow yolk.  Use that shape to form the two circles of the double.

To sum up:  a squashed egg shape for single rond de jambes, and a slightly more rounded yolk shape for the doubles.

Enjoy your breakfast!

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Secret #14m:  
In a rond de jambe en l’air, the big toe traces a squashed egg shape, but a double traces two, more rounded, yolk shapes.

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“There was something sort of bleak about her tone, rather as if she had swallowed an east wind. This I took to be due to the fact that she probably hadn't breakfasted. It's only after a bit of breakfast that I'm able to regard the world with that sunny cheeriness which makes a fellow the universal favourite. I'm never much of a lad till I've engulfed an egg or two and a beaker of coffee.
"I suppose you haven't breakfasted?"
"I have not yet breakfasted."
"Won't you have an egg or something? Or a sausage or something? Or something?"
"No, thank you."
She spoke as if she belonged to an anti-sausage league or a league for the suppression of eggs. There was a bit of silence.”
P.G. Wodehouse

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