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Friday, February 21, 2014

Fun Friday: When in Doubt…

Fun Friday:   When in Doubt…
One of the most important things for a dancer to remember is how to use space effectively.  This involves taking large steps (most of the time – I’ll blog about the exceptions later).  Traveling is tantamount.  In other words, when in doubt, step out.
Using big steps and filling the space should always be in a dancer’s mind.  This becomes difficult when the choreography is unfamiliar, or when the dancer is unsure or insecure about a series of steps.  That’s when there is an almost innate “pulling back” or tentative attack on the steps in question.  This not only looks bad, it also compromises the dancer’s ability to do the step at all.
Instead, remember to take large steps, and remember to use pliés to their full potential. 

From the Big Blue Beige Book of Ballet Statutes:

Statute #13 
“When in doubt, step out.”

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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
-Milton Berle



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