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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hang It Up

Hang It Up

When performing a cambré, or port de bras back, there is a tendency for one side of the body to curve backward further than the other.  This twists the torso, and destroys the correct alignment of the body needed for the movement.  Some directives work well to correct this:  “Take both shoulders back together”;  “Feel as though you are doing a backbend over the back of a chair,” etc.   But for those students who are still having trouble, this image seems to provide consistent success:  “Imagine wearing a jacket that someone forgot to remove the hanger from… think of how that would feel if you tried to cambré with the hanger in place.”

A more concrete example would be to actually hold a hanger (preferably a non-bendable wooden one) against the dancer’s shoulder blades as they cambré. 


From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets: 
 Secret #6c:
Imagine wearing a coat with the hanger still in it.  Feel the hanger against your shoulder blades as you cambré.”

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