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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Energy and Posture

One of the most difficult concepts to describe to a dance student is the sensation of radiating energy outward from their body.  It can be visualized as colorful laser beams, spotlights, or electricity flowing through a cord. Sometimes it helps to imagine the rays of the sun expanding forever into space.   Little "electric kitty" above provides a pretty good picture of the idea.

This energy is felt as a "reaching" upward, outward and downward - basically in all directions at the same time, but always within the framework and directions of correct posture.  The "up" energy goes upward at a very slight forward angle - not straight up - and involves a "lengthening" of the spine.  If the arms are in second position, the energy radiates outward by following the curved shape of the arms and continuing well beyond the fingertips.  Like water through a garden hose, the energy follows the pathways created by the arms, legs, posture and movements of the dancer.

Thus a corollary to Secret #1 from the imaginary Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets is:

Secret 1a:  Feel energy radiating in all directions.

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