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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pliés and Toasters

A plié is the most important step (movement) in dance technique.  It cushions every landing, and propels every jump.  It is such a useful tool it could be sold with an infomercial!  Yet performing a plié correctly every time can be problematic. So many things can go wrong.   For new students, the most challenging aspect is to bend the knees without altering the upright posture.  The most useful image I’ve found to solve this problem is illustrated above:  “Plié like you are in a toaster”. 

So, from the imaginary Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets comes Secret #2:

A plié is the most important step (movement) in dance technique.

Here is its corollary, Secret 2a:

Plié like you are in a toaster.
There will be more posts on pliés, posture and other stuff to come!  

Help expand the knowledge base!  Leave a comment about any instructions, ideas, or images that worked best for you!

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