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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Superstitious Saturday Elephant

Superstitious Saturday Elephant

Many dancers have lucky objects that they’d never be without – especially during performance season. Have you ever known someone who has a lucky elephant charm or stuffed animal?

Elephants are considered lucky, especially in India and Southeast Asia where they are often depicted in religious ceremonies. It was during the 20th century that Americans adopted the elephant as a symbol of good luck. The belief that an elephant object is lucky only if its truck is lifted up is something that is believed to have originated in American and not in Asia.

But it is also said that any elephant talisman is only lucky if it is pointed toward the door. Dancers should remember that before placing one on a dressing table. But what if there is more than one door? Hmmm….

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets
Superstitious Secret #207:
“A lucky elephant charm must be pointed toward the door.”

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Quote of the Day:
“Elephants love reunions. They recognize one another after years and years of separation and greet each other with wild, boisterous joy. There's bellowing and trumpeting, ear flapping and rubbing. Trunks entwine.”
― Jennifer Richard Jacobson, Small as an Elephant

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