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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Technical Tuesday Reversé

Technical Tuesday Reversé

A renversé is a beautiful step: it is essentially a turning grand rond de jambe with a back and side bend. Sound difficult? Not any more difficult than other steps in ballet. I have blogged about it before with Ballet Secret #11g: A renversé creates the image of a circle involving the leg and back when viewed from above.” The term itself means “turned back” or “reversed”.

Because of the turning action, this step is sometimes called pirouette renversé. Here is the explanation from ballethub (http://ballethub.com/ballet-term/renverse/ ):

“A ballet dancer performing a renversé will bend their body from the waist, both sideways and backwards, with the head following the movement of the body. A renversé takes place during a turn and only applies to three steps: a pirouette, a pas de bourrée en tournant and a détourné.”

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Ballet Secret #11i:  
Reversé means “turned back”.

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“Don't look back, girl,” Gravier yells as we ride off. “You're not going that way!”
Celia Mcmahon, Skye

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