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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Super Saturday Straight Knee Statute

Super Saturday Straight Knee Statute

Standing on one foot requires more than balance. It requires strength and proper alignment. This is also true, (but easier to achieve) on two feet. The important thing is Ballet Statute #55: “A straight knee is a safe knee.”

The anatomy of the human knee requires that the patella (kneecap) pull upwards (and never push backwards) to achieve a good, solid, straight knee. Even for those students with hyper-extended legs, their supporting leg must be visually straight.

When the leg is properly “pulled up” and straight, the knee is safe, and less likely to incur an injury. Dancers will also find it much easier to balance when the knee is fully straight, and they will not be skittering  or hopping around attempting to balance. As I say to my students: “If your knee is straight, you can fall over, but you can’t bourrée around.” And if they feel like they are falling, they know where their balance is off and can correct it.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Ballet Statute #55:  
“A straight knee is a safe knee.”

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