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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wild Wednesday Pizza

Wednesday Pizza

Rond de jambes a terre (on the ground), inscribe a lovely half circle on the floor. This half circle must be a full, geometrically perfect half circle shape, without any squashing (there is no squashing in ballet), and no cut corners. I have blogged before about the shape of a correct rond de jambe in Ballet Secret #22a: A rond de jambe inscribes a giant letter “D” on the floor.

Here is another way to visualize it: Imagine drawing half of a giant pizza on the floor. Of course this is a large pizza – no one wants a small one – and it must be a full half circle and shouldn’t look like someone already took a piece away.

Often these lovely half-circle paths can actually be seen. They remain on the floor after a ballet class (or a pointe class) is over. When this happens it is easy to see if all the students are executing the rond de jambes correctly.

From the Big Blue Book of Ballet Secrets:

Ballet Secret #24c:  
“Imagine drawing half of a giant pizza on the floor in a rond de jambe a terre.

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