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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday and Charles Didelot

Throwback Thursday and Charles Didelot
Charles-Louis Didelot was born in 1767 in Stockholm, Sweden.  He made his performing debut in 1790, partnering the ballerina Madeleine Guimard. But he soon turned his attention to choreography.
He is credited with several inventions that changed the face of ballet. One was the introduction of flesh colored tights, and another was creating a system of wires that allowed dancers to “fly”. His teaching method was also considered revolutionary, and he applied and expanded the theories of his teacher, Jean-Georges Noverre.
From 1801 to 1811, he worked at the Imperial School of Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia as ballet master and choreographer. After that, he worked in London and Paris, but by 1816 he returned to the country he loved: Russia. He lived in St. Petersburg for the rest of his life. In Russia he produced over 50 ballets, many of which anticipated the future development of Romantic ballet.
Didelot died on November 7, 1837, in Kiev. 

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Charles Didelot did a lot to change the face of ballet. 

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